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If you looked into solar a few years ago you might have thought solar was way too expensive, and rather than pay an arm and a leg you chose to watch your PG&E bills slowly climb! Well, times have changed and with it came a dramatic drop in the price of solar installation. Today’s solar panels cost significantly less than they did just a few years ago, making the decision for many Bakersfield Home & Business owners to ‘Go Solar’ a no brainer.

When it comes to making the choice on which panels to buy and which installation company to partner with, it is important to remember that the “most affordable solar” does not necessarily mean the “cheapest.” The ultimate goal is to choose the right solar panels and array that match your individual needs. At Fuzion Enegery we work closely with each of our clients to choose the best solar option for them and their family or business.

Adding solar to your home or business is an investment in your future, let us guide you through the process for a brighter tomorrow.

Fuzion Energy Solar Projects

Choose The Very Best For Your Home

When choosing that solar panels manufacturer your home should trust in, you should take careful consideration.  This is why Fuzion Energy only partners with the best solar panels on the market.

Authorized Panasonic Solar Installer

  • 43 years in business (since 1975)
  • 21 years in rooftop solar (since 1997)
  • Performance for highest cell efficiency: 25.6% (world record since 2013)

Triple Guard Warranty Protection

  • Product Warranty 25 years
  • Power, performance and product 25 years
  • Parts, installation and labor* 25 years

*when installed by Fuzion Enegery an authorized Panasonic installer.

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Panasonic Hit Solar Panels

Professional Solar Installation Team

EV charing station installer, bakersfield

Solar Edge – Enegery Solutions

  • Export Control
  • Consumption Monitoring
  • Backup Battery Ready
  • EV Charging Stations
  • Monitory your battery status PV Production and self-consumption data.

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