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Fuzion Energy was created to be your one stop shop for artificial turf, solar solutions, home generators, back-up home batteries, HVAC solutions, and concrete work. There are dozens of energy companies in the market today and that’s why at Fuzion Energy we want to not only help families go solar, but we also can help your home become a smart energy efficient home that aims to make life a little more comfortable so that you can focus on the more important things in life.

Founder Jason Wilkerson has worked in the solar industry for over 10 years and has personally overseen more than 25,000 solar installs throughout California and Nevada. Having recently held the position of Regional Vice President of Sales at SolarCity, Jason had previously worked in the home alarm industry helping thousands of families to secure their homes. Jason has a passion for technology and always wants to know what new thing is out there to help simplify life at home for his wife and children. These three aspects of Jason’s life are what caused Jason to start Fuzion Energy. He believes that solar is truly the future of our world and hopes that he can help to fight global warming so that his children and grandchildren have a planet they can enjoy.

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