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Looking for low-cost solar panel installation without sacrificing efficiency and quality? When it comes to making the choice on which panels to buy and which installation company to partner with, it is important to remember that the “most affordable solar” does not necessarily mean the “cheapest.” The ultimate goal is to choose the right solar panels and array that match your individual needs. At Fuzion Energy, we work closely with each of our clients to choose the best solar option for them and their family or business.

Fuzion Home Services holds three important licenses: a C-10 Electrician license, a C-20 HVAC license, and a General "B" Contractor License. These let us take care of many home projects for you, such as solar power, heating, and air conditioning, patios, new roofs, pools, turf, and many more. And you can pay for all of it with just one loan.

We don't just sell you home solar power and then hand off the job to someone else -  We sell it, permit it, and install solar all ourselves! That means we don't need to hire other companies to be our installation company for our solar systems.

This ensures that we have complete control over the entire process, from start to finish. With our C-10 Electrical Contractor License (“Licensing Classifications”), we have the expertise to handle all electrical aspects of your solar installation. Whether it's wiring the panels or connecting them to your home's electrical system, our licensed electricians will ensure a safe and efficient installation.

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