The Sunshine State & Solar

By Fuzion Energy Team - April 20th, 2018 in Uncategorized

The Sunshine State

It’s no surprise that the self-declared Sunshine State continually ranks as the nation’s sunniest states. And we couldn’t be more proud to announce that the citizens of Florida rejected an anti-solar amendment.

What’s in the Fine Print?

What exactly did this amendment do? This amendment would have made it easier for utilities to increase fees; furthermore, this amendment would make solar way more expensive for Florida residents. The amendment was disguised as being “pro-solar” by solar opponents which would slow down future solar developments and renewable energy progression in the sunshine state. In other words, Floridians didn’t fall for it.

Moving Forward

Thank to all who voted, Floridian solar customers will keep receiving full retail credit for any and all extra solar power they get from the grid when they aren’t at home using it.

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