Solar Opportunities Increasing

By Fuzion Energy Team - April 8th, 2018 in Uncategorized

solar opportunities

The Clean Energy Impact Grows

Last year, 2017, was a year for clean energy and solar opportunities. While the federal government stunted many energy supporting policies, states and cities threw their support towards renewable energy. Despite all the arguments, renewable energy continues to compete and attract new interest. Solar and wind counted for about one-third of new generating capacity during the first few months of 2017. Energy companies should expect to see solar innovations soar during 2018 in these key areas:


Residential solar has gotten more affordable through time. In 2018 alone, studies show that if every rooftop inch in the United States used solar power from panels, it could provide about 40 percent of the nation’s power demand. Therefore, the DOE’s goal is to establish residential solar that costs 5¢ per kilowatt-hour by 2030.

However, while solar costs are decreasing, the biggest obstructions to more dramatic cost cuts are labor costs. Furthermore, expenses like sales and marketing costs, and areas related to the production of solar products could decrease. We here at Fuzion Energy say give it some time – we’re optimistic about the future of renewable energy.

More Options

Solar options keep expanding to fit the customers’ needs. From purchasing solar panels to taking out solar loans, solar leases, PPA’s, and pre-packaged options for small businesses, there is something to satisfy everyone. Renewable energy-momentum and excitement from consumers will continue to rise in 2018 and on, even if the policy tides continue to shift back and forth.

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