4 Tips for Setting Up Your Home Theater 

By Fuzion Energy Team - March 8th, 2018 in Uncategorized

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4 Tips for Setting Up Your Home Theater 

With the advent of film and television streaming applications like Netflix and Hulu, people are increasingly finding new and exciting ways to watch their favorite content at home. But creating the right atmosphere with all the right sound and display features may seem daunting. After all, we pay so much for our movie tickets to reap the entire experience; the projector, the lights, the snacks, and the powerful sound!

Here are some easy steps for creating a home theater that will inspire your friends and family to exchange their pricey movie ticket once and a while for your home theater.

Small Entertainment Space? Soundbars Are Your Friend

More and more, HDTV’s crank out great sound, but nothing matches the quality of dedicated speakers. For those smaller home theaters, try a soundbar, which packs a few speakers into one, horizontal product that is sleek, easily concealed, and powerful. Not sure which one to choose? Call our expert sound team.

Placement and Stashing Your Speaker Inside a Bookshelf

If you want to be fully submerged inside the film experience, the effects, and the dialogue, setting up speakers in different areas so the sound is coming from different directions and all around you is a cool solution. But don’t trot out these massive speakers all over your space in plain sight. A modern and subtler way is to place small speakers within bookshelves, positioned to the right and the left of your TV.

What’s Your Best Angle?

Depending on your HDTV, some have the ability to be viewed from crazy angles, while others limit the viewer to watch from the center only. Before you start installing your speakers or purchase furniture that specifically accommodates your area, position your TV where you want it, turn it on, and check your seating areas to see if every angle works.

Beware the Glare

As you check for those bad angles, think about how much natural light is hitting your TV screen from your windows at different times of the day. Also, check manufactured lights like lamps and ceiling lights. Even the clearest and advanced TV’s often times cannot outsmart that annoying glare.

Surround Yourself with the Best at Fuzion Home Services

If you’re a movie lover or just enjoy playing music throughout the house while entertaining, our surround sound options will change the way you entertain.

Give us a call or simply fill out the contact form below for more information.


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