Rewiring Older Homes: Updating Your Electrical System

By Fuzion Energy Team - December 10th, 2018 in Uncategorized

A lot of soon-to-be homeowners should inspect the state of their electrical wiring. Many owners of historic homes question whether there is a potential for electrical fire hazards when their home is more than fifty years old. Rewiring your older house is important, whether you plan on staying long-term or whether you want to remodel the space and place it back on the market.

Prevent Electrical Fires By Updating Your Electrical Unit

When outdated wiring is present, and aluminum or non-metallic wiring present, you can encounter an electrical fire. In fact, antiquated knobs and tube wiring throughout your house remain one of the top causes of electrical fires. There are an estimated 20,000 plus electrical fires that occur annually in the United States. And most electrical fires happen because of outdated systems.

How Older Homes Undergo Rewiring

To rewire an older home, electricians can open the walls and run newer wires. But it can take a while and be very expensive. Therefore, wires can also be fished through walls, which limits the incision marks and the time it normally takes to patch up the walls.

How Can I Know If My Home Has Hazardous Wiring?

When in doubt, contact an electrical expert. Electrical professionals can determine whether your home has outdated wiring hidden behind your home’s walls. If you experience frequently blown fuses, flickering lights, or continual burning smells, contact a licensed, electrical expert immediately.

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