3 Benefits a New AC System Brings

By Fuzion Energy Team - July 8th, 2018 in Uncategorized

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Buying a new AC system is one of the biggest investments you will make. A lot of people struggle with knowing when the right time to buy a new AC unit is. While buying a new unit is initially costly, the old unit’s electric bill typically costs more down the road.

If your current AC unit is running up your PG&E bill or working slowly, it may be time to buy a new one altogether. However, there is a lot to learn before you delve into AC shopping. Here are 3 benefits a new AC system brings, including saving you money.

1. Added Efficiency

Did you know that older AC units have poorer efficiency ratings, otherwise known as SEER ratings? Indeed, they do! The higher the SEER rating, the better the AC unit’s efficiency. Furthermore, the highest rated AC units on the market today are 25 SEER, while fifteen years earlier, the best SEER was 18.

If your AC unit struggles to function properly, it might be outdated. Additionally, an older system with a lower SEER needs to use more power to make air cool. The more power used, the higher your monthly electricity bill will be.

Also, a knowledgeable and licensed HVAC expert should perform a load calculation to determine the size unit your home actually needs. When one buys an under-sized or over-sized HVAC unit, sizing issues can also lead to low-efficiency temperature control. Furthermore, your HVAC expert should inspect your unit’s air ducts to ensure that they are designed specifically for airflow and are functioning properly.

2. Fewer Repairs

We always recommend getting your AC unit checked routinely to help it run more smoothly for years to come. But older units almost always require more maintenance checks than newer systems. However, there are a couple things you can do to sustain the life of your current AC system, like sticking to a maintenance routine. Nevertheless, even with consistent maintenance checks, an aging AC unit is unavoidable.

If you are consistently calling to schedule a repair for your AC unit or your electricity bills are increasingly becoming higher and higher, it may be a sign that you need a better, newer model. When you purchase a new AC unit for your home, your HVAC should run better, and should only require maintenance checks twice a year.

3. Potential Incentives

What other incentives do new AC units bring besides less maintenance and more money in your pocket each time your utility bill comes in? You may qualify for a discount or rebate when you upgrade your HVAC system. Keep in mind that there are qualifications needed to be considered eligible for some incentives. However, when you replace your current unit for an energy-efficient unit, you can save a lot of money annually.

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