Artificial Turf Still Growing in Popularity

By Fuzion Energy Team - November 14th, 2018 in Uncategorized

Artificial Turf Keeps Growing in Popularity

Customers keep asking us about artificial turf. While some people may still be on the fence when it comes to installing synthetic grass, those who provide it, know it’s an incredible investment. People all over the country are flocking towards artificial turf lawns for their home and business.

Droughts Fuel The Turf Surge

Double-digit growth for installation appears to be the norm for 2018. And one of the biggest reasons Americans choose turf is not necessarily for its easy maintenance or curb appeal, though those two factors are important. People choose turf more so because of droughts! With many parts of the country seeing elongated droughts, synthetic turf continues to grow in popularity.

Turf Benefits

With turf, you gain more water conservation and savings, fewer lawn mower emissions, and less muddy conditions for your pets. When something that looks so good saves you money over time and takes so little maintenance to upkeep, people will keep buying it. Furthermore, insects and other pests sometimes infect your natural grass. However, this problem that can be terminated once you switch to artificial turf.

Top Turf Consumers

As noted above, artificial turf keeps growing in popularity over the years. Do people want to know who keeps buying it the most? Are landscapers fueling the turf surge or are consumers? It turns out that everyone is equally buying turf and using it to benefit their lawns. From using turf for your commercial business to installing it in your home, or buying it in bulk for landscaping purposes, turf is the way of the future for now.

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